A few drawings (pantone markers and watercolours)
Some illustrations for the annual literary competition (Rokus Klett)
A cover for the youth novel 49:03:39 (authoress Neli Filipic)
A few illustrations from a book "Muc Pep" (authoress Jana Kolaric)
Illustration for animal shelter's charitable auction (gouache and colour pencils)
(blue pencil)
The evolution of a project (Gorenje Eco/Informa Echo)
Mascot design
2 scenes from the Ignatz Pilot animated cartoon: Bad Hair Day
Excerpt from the Ignatz's storyboard (Bad Hair Day)
First draft of the main characters designs for the Ignatz
Illustrations for short stories by Jana Kolaric
Illustration for National Geographic Juniour
Sketch for a 3d model
Illustration for children book
2 little concepts of characters for some animations
Illustration for t-shirt
Panton markers and watercolour
Storyboard for a tv commercial (Artizana)
2 character designs for some project
A few screenshots from Ignac
Halloween comic for a magazine meant for learning English
Mascot design for BeoBeo magazine
Another mascot design
Children illustration
Spring is in the air
Background and character for a Flash game
Little sketch
2 characters from Ignac animation
Fast sketching fun (mostly directly inked)
2 sketches
Workbook illustrations
Hawaiian girl
Noir sketches
Ico sketchy fan art

Comic work
Comic parody on Genesis
A few more drawings from the same comic
Part of short tutoria
2 random panels from ecological comics for kids.. character designs and story by Dusan Kastelic
Short comics drawn for a fun game "Battle of doodles"
another one
and another..
and what do you know.. another one

Free-time doodles
Don't ask..
Pigs can't fly?
2 pics drawn directly on computer in MSPaint
A few concepts
doodle without noodle
doodles with noodles
Summer drawings
Trying out new pantone markers
some more doodling around
A few doodles from my summer sketchbook
Sketches (panthon markers, watercolour, colour pencils)

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